Enough of all this social media noises…


Probably you have also shouted like that before or you felt you can never be that good in copywriting.


no matter how you try, you’ve already figured out that you are gonna fail, either because you are an introvert, you felt like it’s a magic or a skill for those who are extra ordinary.


Hmmm, probably you are one of those homies who felt copywriting is all about lying and as a religious person you felt that shouldn’t be so.


You are damn mistaken.


Hey, enough of all this Joseph and give me what I want

Seems you are already having this kinda feeling that I am about to sweet talk you.


Ooh no, I can actually make you feel useless, hypnotize you to hit the purchase button and make your swipe in your card.


Lol… lets get into the lesson on… How to Become A Copywriting Expert Faster and Better Without Stress?


Are there any better ways to becoming a copywriting expert and learn how to write convincing letters that drips money away -from the reader’s pocket after reading your copy through your sales pipeline and down directly into your bank account?



Who doesn’t like money? Probably someone like Joseph Paul.


Hey, but money is important to fund your dream and without money your business will collapse because it’s an exchange of value.


Steps To Follow to Become A Copywriting Expert In 30 DAYS


There are different ways you can explore to becoming a better copywriter and first you need to understand that I never mentioned free ways to become a copywriting expert, to become an expert you have to pay expert you will wanna be like an efulufu copywriter (a copywriter who hasn’t horn his skills, guts and persuasion skills).


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Learning copywriting itself is an act of personal development and here we go with different way you can become a copywriting expert.


Becoming a copywriting expert by reading books


There are different books out there that claims you can become a copywriting expert by reading them and few of them have been able to prove themselves noteworthy.

Examples of books on copywriting you can read are;

  • Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edward
  • Hypnotic copywriting


Becoming A Copywriting Expert by Watching YouTube Videos.

If you are the type who feel YouTube is the best place of learning for them, then I can say Goodluck becoming an expert from YouTube in the area of copywriting.

That sounds like I am ironically saying “jokes on you”.

There are truly lots of amazing videos on YouTube that can get you better in the area of copywriting but unfortunately, the videos you will come across are either too basic, meant for intermediates who already have string foundation in the field of copywriting or self-promotional videos to get you into funnels.


Becoming a copywriting expert by taking online courses

Now if you look around this seems to be the most rampant option.

Rampant sounds like a harsh word – probably your opinion {lol}

On every corner of social media there is always a guy or a lady out there who are selling copywriting courses you can find a reputable one and grab on it and start learning its all cool and all I can say is that.

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Other available options of copywriting trainings are;

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • HubSpot academy
  • Lynda
  • Alison


You can go to any of the platforms there are lost of options available for you to pick… then get into your dashboard and start learning.


Becoming A Copywriting Expert by Joining A Training Program.

Now if you look around there are no much copywriting training program not only because its damn stressful but because most courses out there are meant for auto-pilot side income stream.

I know you don’t get the gist,

Mike has graduated from the university but due to his experience while working as a sales specialist.


he has learnt copywriting, art of persuasion, understanding human psychology and why they take actions.


he decided to write his own eBook course book or record his own video trainings, that brings in money for him while he is out on the field working as an engineer.



He is able to generate more income for himself by running autopilot traffic to his sales funnel, this is why Mike might never be available to respond to your queries but will be available to sell you a course because everything is automated.

You see training programs are meant and prepared to build you, they are like combination of masterclasses, case studies, revision lectures, bootcamps and eBooks materials and other resources are what you will get in good training programs.

Examples of copywriting

  • Nedville Copywriting Training
  • Alex Cattoni Copywriting Launch File
  • Write & Sell Like A Pro – Sales Copywriting Training by Joseph Paul & Precious Oriji a Sales Psychology Copywriter.


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All these listed above are all good means of becoming a copywriting expert but the best advice you can take for yourself whenever you wanna learn is going for a training program because it gives you an added advantage over the other means.

Write & Sell Like A Pro - Sales Copywriting Training

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  • Case Studies
  • Assignments
  • Copy Revision


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