If you have been in the blogging space for a few months and longer you’d see a whole lot of bloggers rely on ad networks to make money from their blog.


…and the most popular ad network they leverage on is the google-owned ad network which is popularly called Google AdSense


Leveraging on google AdSense isn’t an issue and not bad but depending on it as the only source of income is very bad.


Which is one of the things I explained in my video experts don’t want you to see about SEO and monetization strategies.


List Of Top Performing Best Alternatives To AdSense.

Before going down into the list of way you can make money from blogging without the use of AdSense, what shall it profit you if you finish reading this beautiful piece of content and yet you decide not to do anything.


I mean you decide not to take action and continue hoping for you to get AdSense approval


  • Digital content creation/Digital product marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertorial content
  • Sales of Advert spaces
  • Sales of templates
  • Email marketing


Digital Content Creation

When we talk about digital content creation, its more like the usual information marketing you have been hearing about all these whiles and still you haven’t taken any action.

Selling of digital products is a business model that can make you $4K/Monthly.


This is the process of turning what you know into digital products, this could be in form of an eBook (PDF format), video course, templates or worksheets.


There are different ways you can grow this model; you can check out this video here >>> How To Make Money From Digital Content Creation Business Model


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing isn’t much of a big buzz anymore in the industry, it’s a common word, however not everyone understands the true concepts of what affiliate marketing is all about.


Affiliate marketing is a business model that entails you promoting and marketing other people’s product for commission purposes which could come in form of CPA, CPC, CPM and other variations.


As a blogger: There are bigger options and opportunities you can explore to make money from affiliate products.


This could be by reviewing products and inserting your links into it, adding an affiliate banner to your blog side bar, adding your affiliate URL into your eBooks and many other options.


Advertorial Contents

This is more like affiliate marketing but in this scenario, you don’t get paid for selling peoples product but get paid for giving them opportunities to place blog contents on your site.


The Purposes Of This Content Could Be To;

  • Generate more leads
  • Gain more awareness
  • Sell a product
  • Increase their brand visibility
  • Grow their website authority on SERPs


Sales Of Advert Spaces

This is a common practice among various huge news media platforms out there, since they control a huge chunk of traffic.

Advertisers do send them request to place an ad on their platform but as a beginner who is yet to gather massive traffic to their blog.


You do not need to wait for advertisers to come begging after you for adverts, rather you should learn to start sending them email pitches with reasons why they need to make use of your platform for advert.


You can charge per time or clicks but retainer type isn’t what you should bargain for at the moment.


Sales Of Templates

Templates are proven strategies that have been documented into easily re-usable format; this could be a fill in the blank template, drag and drop or other types.


It aids professionals to finish their works on time, it could be Graphics Design, Web Design, Copywriting, Advertorial, Health, Ecommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Real Estate, Amazon FBA templates.


It could be a template for any industry, but for you to make money from selling templates you must be an expert with experience and experience before you can create templates and is that the end?

You can make money by selling templates if only you are given reseller’s right to sell those templates.


But you shouldn’t crack your head, if you are a blogger, you can craft your working strategies, SEO & Traffic Method, Backlink processes and sell to your bloggers who are struggling to gain break through.


Example of templates you can create for sales if you are blogger are;


  • [Steps I Used In Creating A 6 figure blogging as a civil servant by just writing two contents weekly]


  • [How To Start A Successful Blog Even If Your Ass Doesn’t Have Time To Sit Behind PC Working All Day.]


  • [How I Grew My Blog To Making $22649 After I Lost My Job And Went Homeless.]


  • [Simple & Powerful steps in use in growing my blog from 0-400k traffic in a month without building a single backlink]


Maybe, I will create a blog post on selling templates later.



Email Marketing


Making more online while blogging with email marketing without the use of AdSense is very underrated and I have my personal reason why I put email marketing as the last thing here.

Email marketing gives you full control over your website visitors, now imagine someone visits your blog they’ve read the meaningful thing they came for and got value delivered in full pack.


They’ve bounced off, they are gone forever and might never come back to your website again, how about if you were able to retain their email, phone numbers and fill names and you have every necessary detail required to send them emails daily.

They will become recurring visitors and continue buying from you.

You can watch my free video on Advanced Email Sales Automation Marketing


Closing or WTH You call it.


Hey, I dossed off several times while I was trying to write you this amazing content, but then I went off and have to write it later.


Took my bath and sat down to write this, actually I am not at home and the music banging on the street was damn high, can go on and keep writing to you on different ways to make money from blogging.


But if you stick around, I am sure you will see other amazing contents and don’t forget to share with your friends and loved ones in the industry.


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