Everyone is learning copywriting nowadays but not everyone seems to be making money from it.



Every expert out there is filled with how do I make money online as a copywriter.


Such messages are been received everyday and why is that so since copywriters are people who are supposed to spin words into money why then the struggle?




Probably we should shift this elsewhere and not make it a topic of discussion at the moment or what do you think?


But Joseph, are you sure of what you are saying that a lot of copywriter still struggle to make money online from copywriting?


Ooh fine, I know you can’t wait for me to land this secret into your hand, I know how badly you are gloating this right now.


If I ask you where should we start from, I know you have an automatic response which will be start anywhere lol.


Making Money as A Copywriter from YouTube.


You will have an unfair advantage over others if you as a copywriter have a YouTube channel for your copywriting niche with your personal name attached to it.


That seems like a hectic work but the things we tend to ignore are the ones that brings in more result – compounding effort.


Who will have known about Danlok today if he doesn’t have a YouTube channel? Probably he will still be at home controlling a copywriting agency or still sitting behind the desk writing copies for clients till he grows old and start living on his retirement funds.

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When you give value, you will be able to attract and get known for you what you, they will pay you easily with a price called money and loyalty as a bonus.


Just like Grant Cardone says

Best Known Beats the Best Anytime, Any day.


  • A YouTube channel gives you access to the international community, you can easily leverage on it to grow other things and sell easily.
  • It grows your portfolio
  • It gives you influencer’s advantages
  • It helps you attract high paying clients
  • It helps you attract serious students
  • It gives you possibility to sell premium trainings
  • It gives you accessibility to charge premium for services


Sales of Research Files


As odd as it may sound, there are a whole lot of copywriters who still struggle on performing a qualitative marketing research for their copy and that isn’t their fault.


This happens when people take unprofessional copywriting training, learn from the gURuS or learnt from multiple YouTube videos lol…. just the bitter truth because those who pays, pay attention


Fastest Way To Becoming A Copywriting Expert In 30 Days.


If you have different ways to perform market research before writing any damn line of copy, you can document the processes you use, both online and offline processes you use in getting resourceful information.



You can sell niche-based research files or sell general files; it all depends on who you wanna target and sell your research files for.



Sales of Headlines


Just some crazy thoughts…. “Whew” like my babe will do

Ooops, I am a Christian home boy… There are lots of copywriters who still struggles to get their headlines together, they are not sure and confident if their headline will convert.

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There headlines speak to audience B, while their copy speaks to audience c.


They rush over to Copyblogger to start looking for rando and headlines they can just swipe on time so that they can either launch their funnel or send the copywriting gig instantly to their client.


Just like the founder of Coradigm Copywriting agency gave me 3000+ copywriting headlines for different niches, you can as well sell them if you are able to gather yours.


No one is gonna crucify you for selling them.


Sales of Fill-In-The Blank Templates.


I am quite sure they are copywriting processes you have passed over and over to write your copies and they’ve converted for you over and over.


Likewise, there are copies you’ve tweaked several times that has either performed well or woefully, filter them out and gather the good ones for sell.


You are sitting on money.


Sales of Re-Usable Copies


If there are high converting copies you have used for some clients that has worked several times for same/different products then there is no one who is gonna whip your butt for selling them.


You can sell across various niches, as far as they are resourceful files they work well, then there is nothing bad in selling.


Creating Your Own Online Courses & Listing on Marketplace


Don’t skip this part,


Its very crucial most especially if your online course is in video format.

Go create an Udemy instructor’s account >> fill in every credential and start selling your trainings.


Then it doesn’t end there.


Head over to google search and search for Online Marketplace for course creators list your products on there and make money on autopilot.

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I can decide to list 10 marketplaces for you where you can easily list your video trainings then go to bed but nay, I won’t do that.


Reading this content means you are a copywriter or an aspiring copywriter, then you need to learn the habit of taking action and making research.


Go search and implement.

Closing or WTH You Call It.

If you were observant enough, you will discover that Boron Letters and other letters were not complete.


There are gathered together and packaged for sales with the title Halbertising

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If you stick around, I am very sure you will still see contents that might either interest you or provoke you either way I am just glad it sparks some emotions in you, Crazy headlines on this blog BTW – I will send you nice and sales romancing emails if you scroll down to subscribe to my newsletter.


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