This topic seems debatable and I am quite sure a lotta people will still never agree with the fact that it doesn’t take money to make money.


I love and respect your opinion about that and no one is gonna force you to believe otherwise, it’s all your choice.


Reminiscing on my past and how things has been I wanna share with you some moments of my life that I shared on WhatsApp with my audience.


When I was in School, I was a member of the Boy Scouting Majorly and Among the School Cadets as well.


I was doing apprenticeship as a tailor then after school closing…


It all began when I went to sew my Uniform at the Barracks and when I returned to school everyone was all over me because my uniform was different in terms of standard.


Then, they begin to ask me questions like;


Hey, Joseph it looks so nice, can you handle my own?

Did you sew it yourself?

Paul, how much did you sew it?

What is the name of the materials you used?



I answered yes to all their questions and yunno if you are a copywriter here, people love something new, exciting and as well things they can see and touch.


I Charged them #6000 for each uniform and boom if you know Abeokuta very well then, no doubt you will know Itoku Market.


I went there immediately to buy materials that are needed for sewing the uniform, then I began to think of how I am going to sew the uniform.


I couldn’t figure it out because I was still a student, as well as an apprentice, I won’t have enough time to sew it up to standard.


….and in tailoring there are some clothes that will require your full attention including power supply which I knew I am gonna flop in that aspect.


I went to Ibara Barracks to meet one of the Tailor-Officers,


I won’t mention his name to the public but let’s take it as Bro Charles.


I struck a deal with him and he agreed to sew the clothes for me at the rate of #1500 both the Top & Trousers and initially I would buy materials for the uniform at the rate of #1000-1500.


That means I would have to pocket the remaining as my own gain, Oh Big Boy I said to myself.


Then I figured out that buying materials for two people will be less expensive than buying for one person, then I begin to keep my remaining #3000 profit to buy more materials.


And later, I bought a whole bundle of materials… this was the scaling period.


Branding Sells


I didn’t need money to get started but I needed more money to scale the business, then they started asking me if I can get them beret.


Of course, Beret was at the rate of #700 then at local retail prices and still not the original one but at 300-400 Naira at Itoku.


Bro Charles would cut the Beret Round, ironed and tap both Green & Red Beret with Black, I still have one of berets with me hear.


  • Cost of Beret was 300-400 Naira
  • Bro Charles Charges #500
  • I sell for #1500



NOTE:* A White gown can cost you about $30 and you might still complain but you won’t complain to buy a wedding Gown for $300-500, a sense of premium value has been placed on it, this is what played in the scenario of the Beret.


I can remember vividly walking every evening at Itoku Market, I already learnt all the shortcuts of the market.


If you are in Abeokuta, Ogun state. You already know that market has a lot of tiny wholes in form of shortcut, as small as I was back then, I have Hausa customers and Yoruba’s where I buy different materials from.





Now there is something called Anklet, a white leather bandage soldiers and officers use on their booth for March Past.


They needed it to complete their dressing, I went to where they sell shoe making materials to find the exact leather that was used for it.


The Igbo boy told me that it is not leather, I have forgotten the name but he sold it to me for #100… I didn’t bother to ask him again even though I was shocked.


Military Anklets are sold for 3000-5000 and here I am, I bought the materials for just #100, I went straight to tailors shop to buy White Plaster.


When I got home, I used my neighbors sewing machine to sew the leather after cutting it.


I was cutting three pieces per leather which means from 2 Leather, I will be able to make 3 pairs.



Later, after I changed my calculations and measurement, I began to use pencil to mark edges then I figured out that I can cut 4 pieces making it 2 pairs of anklets from a leather of 100.


Lest I forgot, the white plaster is Just #50 while sewing thread was just #20 as at then, the plaster is a very long one so it doesn’t finish on time.


Now I didn’t sell my own anklet for 3000-4000, I lowered my price to 500 and sales were coming in (Low Entry Penetration Strategy).


From one officer to another, they kept referring me.

When you are good and satisfy your clients/ customer, it’s a natural law, people will refer you.



I know some will doubt this storyline, and yeah no one is gonna crucify you.


You don’t need money to make money, but you need money to make more money when it comes to scaling.


Focus on one product and as time goes on, introduce other complementary products to your audience, that is how you can easily upsell and create multiple streams of income from a single business, you don’t have to jump from Real estate to PetroTech then jump to AgriTech.



I won’t forget to say this, I was just happy I was making money back then, I didn’t have anything I was doing with.


My mom will say borrow me, I will use it to pay your school fees later, but my Dad will just enter my room and take almost everything from my wallet


I don’t sew any longer, Presently a Digital marketer building website for businesses.


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