Hey, I know you have heard about people saying copywriting is getting saturated and filled up with newbies who wants to become influencers.

I am as well aware that you must have seen memes and bants from copywriting experts (those with field experience) about new copywriters who are hosting copywriting masterclasses.

its actually not their fault, its just natural, there is a kind of feeling that is attached to it, when you know the truth and right processes of learning a particular skill and you then see some set of wanna-be selling an unrealistic or half-baked idea of it, well we are not going much into that area for now.

Before I begin to type the first word of this content, I had many answers to the question if copywriting is saturated but still I went ahead to make more research.

Then before my answer goes forth, I think I will have to ask you what the word “saturation” itself means likewise the what the heck it means to say a skill or an industry is saturated.


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According to Investopedia “Market saturation is a situation that arises when the volume of a product or service in a marketplace has been maximized”.

The keyword means the industry has been maximized, I will take it to when you pick an orange fruit and you’ve sucked out all the juicy taste of it, then we can say it is saturated.

If we go by that definition, it means it will be hard for you to find an easy breakthrough into the copywriting industry as a copywriter.

But heck, I will say “NO, that is no so”

As a startup business entrepreneur, I strongly don’t believe in the fact that an industry or a skill is saturated.

Humans tends to speak regarding to what they can see in their environment this is why they think copywriting is saturated, if I put in more effort in researching this copy, seeking for statistics from websites like the popular statistia and other sources I use for market research which won’t be proper to mention publicly… I can boldly say the numbers of copywriters we have in the world right now doesn’t even make up to 1% of the world population.

Even the US 2008 statistics that shows less than 2.5% of the nation are employees, this isn’t an overhyped calculated.

Just a puzzled guess that copywriters in the whole world don’t even make up to 2% of a single state in this US.

Here Is Why You Think Copywriting Is Saturated

I am quite sure and damn honest that you know that environment is a huge contributing factor to the way we make decisions.

If you are a copywriter and you look at your circle very well, from your WhatsApp chats, telegram channels and books, Instagram followings, Facebook friends and groups, all you will be seeing are contents from your fellow copywriters.

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…and this gives you the fake/wrong perception that copywriting is getting saturated.

Probably you are making everyone your customer.

Becoming A Student Of The Market As A Copywriter.

There is a high probability that you must have heard about been a student of the market and that has been one of the contributing factors to my businesses.

Although I have been doing this before I came across the quote from Gary Halbert and yeah, I can say it is a proven strategy.

Here Is How It Works.

In a book I gave my Virtual Assistant, the book was titled Who Stole My Customer?? Winning Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Customer Loyalty: Winning Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Customer Loyalty It speaks majorly on being customer centric than being product centric.

This is to say that you have to learn to focus more on your customers, getting them satisfied rather than trying to make your product perfect.

Here Is From My Personal Example.

I get put there and do my market research then go hook up with prospects/ those who have shown interest or make some damn comments about a product/services.

Hey There,

Beautiful Nairobi, I can see the sun scorches on your beautiful skin, will you like a cup of Impeesa Body Lotion Cream”

And she goes on speaking, I don’t like all these lotion cream, they are this and that and those.

Now, what a true entrepreneur does is to find out if she is the only one making such complain, then you go there and produce a product that can solve that issues.

“Complains are door key to your customers heart, they are waiting for an entrepreneur to turn them into money” – Joseph Paul.

“Always listen to the complains of the people and you know the next product you can upsell or sell to them with ease” – Joseph Paul.

My verdict is that copywriting isn’t saturated, been a student of the market, someone who chats with prospects, newbies always on WhatsApp, messenger and telegram. I have come to discover a lotta people don’t even know what copywriting is about.

They go ahead and speak

“Hey Biggie,

Oh, Big Headed Joseph, do you mean you can teach me how to copy people’s writing?”

“making 6 figures from copywriting, how do I copy peoples writing and make good money”.

When you become a student of the market, you will discover that copywriting might have been an old term to you but its still new to a majority If not 99% out there.

What Are The Hidden Opportunities In Copywriting?

Now before you give me high BP, can you tell me ways I can make money from copywriting without hosting masterclass, and selling digital products {no fluff bs}.

To confirm my doubts before I begin to write this material, I had to make a quick but thorough check on my research materials and sources, I found out quick thoughts I will love to show in this.

Mark “Emmo” Ellis said the problem;

Another Big Error Is Targeting Everybody.

I know you probably hear a lot of that, but it is true. Pick 2 or 3 niches to work in and focus just on those; it’ll make your life much easier.


Because there is no way you’ll be able to learn and write in every niche out there. Writing copy for a skateboard business is totally different than writing a brochure for a cancer research center.

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So pick your spots and stick with them.

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See, I made all of those stupid-ass mistakes even though experienced copywriters told me not to do them; I was stubborn and had to learn by experience.

Now just like I said that you are been influenced by your environment and this makes you think so tiny about copywriting.

When we talk about copywriting, what most copywriter thinks of is.

  • Writing Facebook Posts That Gets More Likes & Engagements.
  • Writing Facebook Ads Copy
  • Writing Landing Page/ Sales Funnel Copies

These are good but why limit yourself to what the environment is doing, this is why it can’t be disputed that you become what you see and hear every day molds you.

  • Email copywriting
  • Billboard copywriting
  • SMS Copywriting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Etc.

To be damn sincere, copywriting is making people take a specific action you want them to take.

While a whole lot of people are doing the same thing, you just have to find your own way of doing things differently and this makes you different in the market place, I will explain Big Idea in one of my blog posts someday.

Pitching: Been able to write a good sale or an investment pitch is what a lot of startup entrepreneurs are lacking while trying to get access to funding this could be an issue for them.

Sales specialist:

If you know your onions very well and capable of, or probably you want to work as a junior sales rep in a local saloon, you can get hired as a sales specialist and make awesome bucks enough to pick your babe to Miami and live a comfortable life.

SEO Copywriter:

SEO is the process of making websites rank on SERP (Search Engine Report Page), while this have some certain rules and algorithmic, there are certain elements whereby human emotions needs to be touched.

What Does A SEO Copywriter Does?

This comes to rewriting or doing the followings;

  • Writing website headlines
  • Writing website taglines
  • Writing meta description
  • Structuring blog title for Bots and Humans
  • Closing concluding paragraphs that can bring in more sales or leads.
  • Writing link outreach copies.

Now I am actually not here to write to you like other bloggers would do because they also wanna rank their content on search engine but I am writing to pass value, definitely I am not fully structuring this content for SEO but for humans like you.

Most importantly, I am trying to let you know that I am not here to write contents like 7 untapped niches in copywriting and the rest fluff but making you to be able to think yourself.

As a copywriter, if you can help the local bakery down your street to increase their sales or gets more feet walking into their bakery for wholesales dealership, this no friggin reason why you they shouldn’t pay you better or you charging premium.

The problem is you think copywriting is only about writing on Facebook and adding emojis, writing sales copies for landing pages and the rest.

Of course, they are good and makes money as well, I get pitched about Impeesa Digital Academy at least once in a week but guess what? Their approaches suck.

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What if you start helping tired, worn out and about to quit Small Business Owners write and make significant changes that can change their sales report?

Another sphere of copywriting are those who dares and wanna be different are trying to delve into are the areas like

  • Real estate copywriting (Folks in India are doing this)
  • Health copywriting (Nigerian Guys & Female Copywriters Are Doing This)
  • Ecommerce copywriting (Nigerian & Indians are big players here).

If you follow the last pattern you’ve just read above, you might wanna start considering becoming copywriters for industries like

Big pharma






And so on.

The problem is that you think these industries are for the big guys and that’s one fear you need to first crush and crumble.

You see the big copywriting guns selling you templates that have been said you have made over $10k and above.

I just released some of their secrets if you can read very well, you need to understand that I am trying to open your eyes to the fact that been a copywriting shouldn’t limit you to writing landing page and ad copies.

You need to get up and meet the companies out there who are really in need of your services and waiting for you to come and pitch them.

Closing or Whatever Note

Heck, before I go.

Many businesses don’t even know what copywriting is, its not their fault and these is why you shouldn’t believe that copywriting is saturated.

You are judging by the noise in your environment not by the market size which is very bad, same goes to other skills like web design and SEO.

I go out there and meet business owners without a website and I tell them why they need a website.

Remember; it’s about selling the benefits not the features and if they already have a website, I offer them SEO services or redesign their websites.

Go and start pitching businesses, I mean go for Top Big Multi Million Dollar companies and also pitch smaller ones.

While doing that, don’t forget to work on your personal development.

You can download the free guide on “How To Craft An Irresistible Offer Better And Faster” or click to get into my  Write & sell like a pro – Sales copywriting training programfor just $30 with 75% discount off

And if you are like OOoo bad boy, so all this long story is because you wanna sell me a copywriting training, I would as well say you are free to neglect personal development while you hop on luck, I have gotten whole lots of tech startups on my desk addressing.

By the way, it seems I like bragging and won’t love to keep you for long….find me on WhatsApp and connect with me for more sales and marketing strategies.

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