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The story of Tunde is a very pathetic one you’ll not like to hear, but if you read down to the end, you will be happy to see how Tunde life was transformed after he did not only stumble on the system but also implemented and got the result way faster and easier than he expected and how you can also make use of the system to your advantage.

Tunde wasn’t thrown out of school because of his inability to pay his school fees,

Tunde was not thrown out from school because he joined cultism.


You’ll discover the reason why Tunde was thrown out in the next few lines and how he was able to pick back the broken pieces of his life.


Tunde was a brilliant student who uses the little fame he has gotten by winning the school debate and some other inter school competitions to bully his colleagues and juniors.


After several warnings have been sent to the parents of Tunde, and several measures has been taken to punish and stop him from misbehaving and series of suspension yet he refused the change.


The school authority in holding to the core values of the school and to take preventive measures before he starts forming a gang in the school premises,


A very hard decision for the principal, they had to send him away from the school.


His parents came to beg as usual and Tunde still feeling on top of the world arrogantly that he will be forgiven like the other times but to his greatest surprises, the school rejected him.


Oooh, this might look like the normal fairytales you’ve heard but that’s not it.


Tunde felt that as a brilliant student that he will easily get access and enroll into another school by the next session, but the worst nightmare no one will ever wish their happened to their child.


A circular has been sent by state government disapproving his request into any learning institution across the state include the private establishments.


His parents took him to another state, but just the way people like breaking News go far like Petro,Gossip has gone wide about the famous school debating leader who has been sent out of school due to bullying and act of gangsterism.


His parents lost hope and interest in him,


Now, Hard realities of life threw Tunde into the G-hetto slums to beat against the odds.


That was how Tunde entered my DM one afternoon after reading my early morning business digest in one of the business groups on Facebook requesting to join my mentorship program.


I at first wanted to overlook that he is probably one of the unserious fellows who always come to disturb people in their DMs asking for free mentorship but then, I decided to reply him, explaining how life has been hard on him.


I decided to help him out but on the basis that he has to pay a commitment fee which isn’t up to the prize of a shawarma because…


“Those who pay, pay attention” – Ubong King.



…and his commitment fee will show that he is truly serious and ready to learn how to make more money from the comfort of anywhere around the world by just pressing his phone.


He smiled and got back 4 days later, made payment for his training.


I told him to wait for three days and get enough data that he will need to watch his trainings,


During those three days, I designed a framework to walk him through.


The framework is what I call Student Income Accelerator System.


Before I talk about this framework,

Lemme introduce myself to you.

I am a Premium Member of Funnel Hackers Club, Kaizen 7 Figures Club and an Executive Team Member of the Nigeria SEO Community.

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…and having trained over 4700+ students excluding small business owners, the exact system that I showed Tunde and the framework he used, which has helped him to make more money on the internet and from being a rejected fellow to becoming the family’s pride that everyone wants to be around with.



I know you might be asking now, if you can also get access to the framework (Accelerator System) right?

If yes… continue reading

I have re-packaged it for you to get at a crazy and lowly-affordable price of…

#15000? No

#7,000? No

#3000? No

But at a crazy fee of #1500🤪

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Joseph Paul Nnaemeka,

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With this Accelerator System,

All you need is 30 Days to grow your influence on the internet; from being a nobody to becoming an expert in your field everyone wants to work, with over 5 High Income Skills, and getting highly paid even in dollars.

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  • The secret vault to getting unlimited content ideas.
  • The marketing techniques to writing content that goes viral.
  • How to dominate Facebook and grow your influence than the ordinary business person and cash out from it massively beyond your expectations.



Section. 2

  • How to get high paying affiliate programs
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  • How to get high paying clients that pays you in top dollars
  • How to make money from what you already know.
  • How to generate quality leads that buy your product, not just once but continuously.



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This isn’t an issue of luck, the exact process that I used to grow my personal brand and businesses was what I shared with Tunde.

Aside from Tunde, over 700+ Students have also learnt and deploy this system to make a meaningful living.


Here is your chance to become useful not just to yourself but to everyone around you,

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Joseph Paul Nnaemeka,

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Unfortunately, we won’t be accepting installment payment for this training as we feel this is not upto your monthly data subscription, and also due to excessive bank charges.

If you consider this valuable and you know the worth of what it is to be in the training, then it won’t be bad you get in.

If you’re trying to make payment on behalf of someone then you can go ahead.

But kindly note that, sharing a single access between two individuals will get both person kicked off.

We cannot make mention of when you’ll begin to make money, but if you follow the training and act accordingly then you should start seeing the result the second week

i.e practice the things that you’ve learnt, then it will be the absolute gamechanger for you and you will have no cause of regret.